Welcome to VIZAG HUNT


VIZAGHUNT is the web and android application which creates the platform for the local vizag Businesses to create their own online stores and do they businesses through internet.

VIZAGHUNT provides the best ever solution for the local store owners that is the LOGISTIC support. We are coming with a new challenging idea “SAME DAY DELIVERY” and we also provide Payment gateway support.

VIZAGHUNT makes every individual physical stores in the city into virtual online stores. Our Online stores of goods and services aims at bringing easiness to the seller by giving a dynamic selling platform where a seller can just upload their product through our Specially designed web interface.



Our Team

Roopesh Chinni
cybercubes founder and lead person
  • Creative 80%
  • Leadership 70%
  • Communication 90%
Akhil Naidu
Lead market analyst
  • market 90%
  • Communication 80%
  • Leadership 75%
Sampath Krishna
Manages all company activities.
  • Creative 90%
  • Leadership 90%
  • Communication 75%
looking for
  • Wordpress 80%
  • PHP 70%
  • Jquery 70%

Why you have to choose VizagHunt?

Starting from the search directory, we provide all the information regarding the stores and areas as per the customer requirement. Here we are providing the information of all the Stores, food courts, theaters, services, automobiles, groceries , hotels, taxi, real estates etc. If a user clicks on the shop then it will redirect to all the shops available in VizagHunt portal. User can also visit each store from they separate domains eg. www.individualstorename.com This is very easy to access your account in VIZAGHUNT. We also provide the user name availability for the customers. Sellers login or signup page is useful for the owners of the business or the shop owners. After login, the whole shop or business information will be provided by themselves. So that it will be easy for the owners to upload their products and information of the products or the business. Every individual businesses and service providers like plumbers, electricians ,carpenters etc where signup through this page Each of them can easily access his leads and clients from one place Users can also login your account using social networks like FACEBOOK & GOOGLE.

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