online laundry


Forget carrying your clothes to the dry cleaner or washing them at home. Just try is committed to deliver quality laundry services at your convenience.

We will pickup from your doorstep and take care of your clothes until we deliver you back,so simply outsource your laundry! armed with ecofriendly bags will arrive at your door to pick up your dry cleaning and laundry.

Our latest washing machines will ensure that your clothes come back looking fresh and beautiful every time. Your clothes will be delivered on time to your doorstep. Now getting your laundry done is that simple.



Our Team

John Vikash Vajrapu
Founder and Lead operations
  • Creative 80%
  • Leadership 70%
  • Communication 90%
Roopesh Chinni
Market Strategy and Operations
  • Product Development 90%
  • Communication 80%
  • Leadership 95%
Managing Director
Manages all company and service activities.
  • Creative 90%
  • Management 90%
  • Communication 75%
Akhil Naidu
Team Lead
Market Growth Strategy
  • Market growth 80%
  • Analisis 70%
  • Growth Strategy 70%

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