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About Finer Aspects

Finer aspects Digi is Digital technology that aims to engage consumers in an unforgettable experience. The products are used in a range of professional purposes such as retail, collaboration, advertising, museums & exhibitions, entertainment, research and education..

Interactive multi-touch surface computing technology with a motion sensing gesture control interface lets users navigate interactive content on a floating panel, , multi touch surface screen, interactive table or interactive window. Surfaces can be configured with a multi-touch interface for multi-touch or multi-point interaction with no projector or hardware to be seen.

Finer Aspect Digi is think tank of like minded persons to venture into something that is unknown but yet within imagination.The imagination is to build ecosystem around products that are redefining the way of living beyond the existing ways yet made in India and also taking them to world.



Our Team

Kundala Jay Krishna
cybercubes founder and lead person
  • Creative 80%
  • Leadership 70%
  • Communication 90%
Rajeev Dash
Lead market analyst
  • market 90%
  • Communication 80%
  • Leadership 75%
Shiva Kumar Gunturu
Manages all company activities.
  • Creative 90%
  • Leadership 90%
  • Communication 75%
Roopesh Chinni
  • Wordpress 80%
  • PHP 70%
  • Jquery 70%

Our Products